Distinctive Doctrines to New Covenant Church

In conjunction with our core beliefs, our pastor imparts specific doctrinal perspectives that have historical roots in the Church. While these views may differ from those held by many contemporary churches, they represent our pastor’s interpretation of Scripture. New Covenant welcomes all who may hold varying viewpoints, but it’s important to recognize that these teachings are integral to our pastor’s guidance and the church’s direction.

Reformed Doctrine and Eschatology


Church Governance and Participation

  • Male Leadership: The Church is to be led by male elders and pastors, with other roles open to females.
    Resources: 1 Timothy, 3:1-2, “What does the Bible say about women pastors?” on Got Questions
  • Every Member Evangelism: The pastor’s role is to model and teach evangelism, equipping believers to be primary proclaimers of the gospel.
    Resources: Mark 5:19, Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 1:8
  • Financial Support: Emphasizing sacrificial giving over the Old Covenant requirement of a tithe.
    Resources: II Corinthians 8:1-5

Family and Life Ethics